Consider dental sealants for your child’s oral health at Covington Family Dentistry.

At Covington Family Dentistry, we often recommend dental sealants as a preventive measure against tooth decay for children and teens. However, adults can benefit from sealants too.

Why Get Sealants?
Sealants are applied to the back teeth, where decay is most likely to occur. They provide a protective barrier, preventing up to 80% of decay within the first two years and up to 50% after four years. Children without sealants are more than three times as likely to develop tooth decay.

When Should You Get Them?
Your child’s first molars typically appear around age 6, followed by the second set around age 12. It’s best to have sealants applied as soon as the molars emerge. Regular examinations with our dentist will determine the ideal timing.

What Should I Expect?
Sealants are a simple and painless treatment. We start by cleaning your child’s teeth thoroughly, then apply a special gel followed by the sealant. A small blue light is used to harden the sealant quickly.

What Concerns Should I Have?
There are typically no side effects from sealants, and allergic reactions are rare. However, if your child has allergies, please inform our dentist so we can take appropriate precautions.

Next Steps
Sealants can last for years but should be checked regularly. Schedule routine visits to Covington Family Dentistry, where our dentist can assess the condition of the sealants and your child’s teeth. If it’s been several years since the sealants were applied, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment for a check-up.

For more information on keeping teeth healthy or to discuss dental sealants, contact Covington Family Dentistry today. Your child’s smile deserves the best care!

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